Adsterra Keyword Targeting Feature


Is there any way to target the audience interested in exact product, brand or theme?The Keyword Targeting will help you to get new people to your website and convert them into buying customers. This feature allows you to reach the audience interested in your product, service or even those who is loyal to your competitor.

What is Adsterra keyword targeting?

Adsterra targets websites which contain keywords from your list on their pages. It means that you can reach relevant audience which observes the content they are interested in. Adsterra Keyword Targeting Feature puts you in a better position to drive engagement, leads and conversions.

How to build a keyword targeted campaign:

Generate positive keywords: Proper keyword research is crucial for this kind of targeting. Prepare a well-studied list of keywords you want to target and choose whether you want to use phrases or unordered keywords to match.

You can also try some useful services for keyword generation:

  1. Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  2. Bing Webmaster Toolbox
  3. Bulk Suggest Tool
  5. SEMRush

Targeting popular keywords can drive higher traffic rates, but you cannot be sure that this traffic comes from relevant audience. In order to drive higher traffic volume to your campaign and maintain a strong engagement rate, target a mixture of broad and specific keywords.

Use brand queries:If you have a strong and well-recognized brand, include branded keywords in keyword-targeted ad campaigns.

Add negative keywords: This will help to ensure that your ads don’t appear on irrelevant web pages.

Optimize keyword lists:  Keep human behavior in mind when optimizing your campaigns. Try to predict typical users’ online journey and content/web-articles which could be potentially interesting for them.

Keywords lists better suits advertisers focused on performance and cost-efficient conversions. Your ads will provide useful information to readers and attract the audience with an established interest in your message.

Сompetitive strategy

Work with your competitors’ audience

Your new product could be promoted via ads displayed on websites with competitors’ content. This targeting strategy can help to increase a well-known brands’ audience attention to your product. Simply add a keyword list with competitive products and their brand names to your ad campaign and see immediate results.

This will work for all verticals.

Case sharing

Adsterra thoroughly tested Keyword Targeting feature and has also selected a few great cases to share.

Game developers

An Online Anime Game developer requested to run their ads on Torrent and Streaming website verticals which contain game and anime content.

A list of keywords has been added to decrease the bounce rate of display ads traffic by 30%. This led to increasing the amount of involved users by 10% in comparison to previous campaign tests.

Antivirus software

An Antivirus software developer faced a problem in staying competitive. The market was overstocked with lookalike products and it was too difficult to introduce new software. There are uncountable numbers of websites which share similar themed content. The decision was to form a list of precise keywords and attract target audience.

Number of downloads has increased by 20%.

Bounce rate has decreased by 15% in comparison to previous campaigns without keyword targeting.

As you can see, keyword targeting is a highly efficient way not only to target the right audience, but also to increase your brand awareness and compete with other products in your niche. If you haven’t already tried this feature, or haven’t tried to create your first campaign, don’t hesitate and contact your Personal Manager to start your keyword campaign with Adsterra!

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