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Cost Per Click is now available for web push SSP!

Adsterra Self-Service Platform now allows you to launch web push campaigns via Cost Per Click (CPC) model! It means that you pay only for the clicks your ads receive and get 100% control of your budget. CPC model is preferable when your main … Read More


Great news! Adsterra Self-Service Platform (SSP) now allows you to add as many creatives to one campaign as you want! This feature allows you to test your creatives easier and faster, therefore it notably reduces the time of creating a campaign. It also makes … Read More


Have you already tried out the new User Lifetime targeting option? It’s based on how long ago users subscribed to receive web push notifications. The new option offers you a clear picture of how a user interacts with the ads, … Read More


Almost every advertiser has launched web push notifications campaign to promote their business, but only few know the effect of using advanced features.Web push notifications have loads of advantages itself, but for experienced advertisers who know their public and clearly see the … Read More

How to Launch a Web Push Notifications campaign?

Web push messages open a way to advertise directly to an engaged audience with an instant message of high viewability. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?Web push notification is quite a new ad format, but it became a trend instantly and has … Read More

How to build a subscribers list faster?

How to build a subscribers list faster? The smartest publishers are already earning from web push notifications by monetizing users from the subscribers list. But are there some tricks to make that list wider and earn more? So, you’ve started to monetize … Read More

Publisher’s ultimate guide to web push notifications

In our previous blog post you’ve learned the very basics of web push notifications. But why it’s such a goldmine for publishers? The browser push messages were invented by Google so this ad format is 100% compliant with Better Ads … Read More

How Direct Is a Direct Ad Network?

Direct ad networks are the most direct way for advertisers and publishers to work together. The principle of a direct ad is that an advertiser and publisher want to work together; the principle of a direct ad network is that … Read More

3 Reasons Your Business Needs An Affiliate Ad Network

  Millions of website owners are eager to find the right businesses to host banner ads for and millions of businesses are eager to find the right websites to advertise on. Affiliate ad networks are there to play matchmaker. That’s … Read More

The Best Digital Advertising Companies Are Data Driven & Creative

  Digital advertising companies love data, but it’s not true that all digital advertising companies love data at the expense of creativity. When Nadya Powell wrote her breakup letter to the digital marketing world earlier this year, it caused something … Read More